Thursday, March 18, 2010

Emily Update

So many of you have been supportive of my project for Emily, I thought you might want to know. Sadly Emily's cancer is now in her spine and diagnosed as incurable. Her family has taken her off her ventilator and meds to make her more comfortable and alert, giving her the chance to be more there for the time she has left.
We are still going ahead with the benefit and I am still stitching away on the quilt. Please pray for Emily and her family, she had only one chemo treatment left and they had such high hopes. Remember, God has given each of us only a certain number of days- touch the lives of others in whatever time you have, just like Emily has.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here's the progress on Emilys Garden, a quilt to be raffled off at a benefit for Emily Young, a 5 year old girl with brain cancer. Had to re-calculate and now need 25 applique blocks. YIKES!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Emily's Garden is well under way. Emily is a 5 year girl with brain cancer. We were priviledged as a church to be able to pray over Emily and her family in mid Feb. A few days later, I learned of a benefit being held for Emily. They were in need of items to be auctioned. My mother died of a brain tumor when I was 12, and so I really wanted to do something to help her and her family. I asked if they would be interested in auctioning a quilt, and they said, "Sure". I struggled with what pattern to do. I have admired the work that Victoria at Bumble Beans has done in the area of charity quilts and in surfing her BLOG one day, I came across this simple applique pattern that she created for her Sis Boom Pow project. She was wonderful about me adapting the pattern for Emily's Garden. I was planning on doing 9 app. blocks alternating with a scrap double 4-patch variation, but these blocks are so much fun that I could see it growing. Go here to learn more about emily