Friday, January 14, 2011


Thank you for all the prayers for Commi, my beloved paralyzed blue russian cat (I know but what else would you name a soviet feline?). We have gone back to the steriod treatment, and although it will eventually cause damage to his kidneys with prolonged use, his pain is much diminished and I am coming to grips with the care required. His attitude has returned along with a spoiled demandingness that comes with having humans tote and fetch for you for extended periods of time. How we ended up being the home for "special needs" felines (Izzy my female blue russian has only 3 legs), I don't know.

On the quilting front, this past week we were hit with what I refer to as "Snowmegedon" here in Atlanta. 6 inches of snow plus ice will shut this place down. During commi's naps, I was able to finish the borders for this long suffering project. When something turns out less than stellar we term it primitive and feel fine to have the cats and humans alike use and abuse said quilt. Baskets sort of fits in this category. Wanted to free piece the word, but didn't really have a light plaid that would work, so fusable applique won the day. Oh well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

No projects, just sad news

Commi has always been my greatest quilt fan and an expert fabric weight, has become paralyzed. The cause is unknown but a tumor on his spinal cord is suspected. It has happened gradually, until now most of my time is spent diapering, bathing and cradling one of the best friends I have ever had. We're not sure when the time might come to let him go, but until then not much in the way of sewing will be done. At least today the sun is shining and he has found a comfortable position in his basket and he can enjoy a good nap.