Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bye Bye Commi Cat

Thank you for all your kind words and prayers for my Commi Cat. Sadly Commi's condition never improved. Pain became a part of his daily exsistence and not being able to enjoy even the simplist pleasures, like wrapping up in a warm quilt~ we decided to end his pain and his life.
He did get to do some of his favorite things this morning; good snacks, snuggling in the "big" bed and when it came time for him to go he went wrapped in a quilt I made that only he appreciated. Good friends are hard to find, but ones who greet you with warmth even on the worst of days, ones who wait patiently until you are done with appointed tasks knowing that cuddling awaits are more precious than any amount of money. I can't see myself ever having such an enthusiastic helper in my love of quilting, but I do have the memories of blocks rearranged, spools of thread chased and quiet naps taken together under the quilts we made.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Project Papoose continues

The babies keep comin' and so must the quilts. This newest top is made from 30s Repro fabrics that my sister gifted me @ Christmas. I'm not so much a collector of reproduction fabrics, but Aunt Gracie and others similar to that line are just so happy looking that I can't resist them. Still deciding on whether this needs a border or not. My natural tendency would be to put a border and then applique "gracie" flowers and vines, but short of telling these mommas to cross their legs and hold off the impending I don't see that happening. As it is the top thus far is approx. 42x42. When border decisions are made simple grid quilting will probably follow.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in the water?

Not sure, but within the next 2 months we will have 5 babies born to our church family. We are expecting 3 girls and 1 boy~ the 5th will be a surprise. So far I have 2 complete and am cutting the 3rd. Quilting will have to happen sometime. Needless to say I have been quite busy, in between diapering Commi and working on various cooking and sewing projects. Commi has shown no improvement, despite meds and various treatments. We still have not been able to bring ourselves to the place where we let him go, he has been and continues to be the most loving pet we have ever known.