Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baskets are filled with stitches

Well the quilting is done and I must say, I like this one very much. It's happy. Not sure where it will find a home, I'm thinking maybe my Aunt Maisey who has never recieved a quilt from me.

I still have not purged the basketry out of my system; perhaps it's the craziness I'm trying to find a treatment for- and this is the next best thing to basket weaving. Regardless, I think my next adventure will be another improve basket, maybe in pink or a nice sunny orange.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I love baskets

Maybe it comes from being a former floral designer, or perhaps that baskets are "hand-made". Whatever the reason is, I simply love baskets. Wire ones, wicker ones, kudzu, grapevine or wood- I appreciate them all. I guess it's not so surprising then, that they have become one of my favorite inspirations for my quilting.
Several years ago I saw a basket quilt displayed in a store. The pattern was easy enough to grasp, but the time to do it never was. I must have started these blocks a year ago and just finished them after a weekend trip.
Realizing I didn't have enough of the white on white fabric to do sashings, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and was lucky to find they still had a bolt. Sashings and borders completed, now all that's left to do on this happy little quilt is the quilting. Meandering squiggles, happy circles or free-form flowers, I'm not sure about the designs I'll use for the stitching- Let's just hope that doesn't take near as long as the top did.