Friday, May 6, 2011

Some of you might be wondering where I have been. I mean certainly willy Wonka is over, shouldn't she be sewing by now? Sadly in the late night hours of April 27th tornadoes ripped thru the deep south killing hundreds. My small town of Cartersville was hit by 2 of those beasts, an F-4 and an F-5. We suffered no loss of life but 400 homes were damages and 50 were totally destroyed, a church that has stood since 1880 has nothing left but 1 stain glass window unbroken laying on its side and it's front steps and I can't count the number of trees. Our church was untouched and so very early the next morning we began a relief effort that has become more than we could imagine.

Working every day all day we have organized food and water crews to go door to door, crews of people with everything from chain saws to cranes to pull trees and debris away from peoples homes or what once was their home. We also opened up our newly completed family building (which when planned someone came up with the idea to build it so it could be used as a shelter and a disaster relief station... that was 2 years ago.

The work is hard, and the stories are heartbreaking, but our small community has really pulled together for these hurting families. Different churches, different denominations- people who don't trust church at all, banning together to make a difference. I don't know when I'll get back to sewing, but would appreciate your prayers and thoughts for our community.