Monday, January 25, 2010

Whole Lotta Love~Love Hurts

How many of you remember Nazareth's hit song Love Hurts? Well the result of my Vikings swan song quilting performance may just have a new title. After performing spendidly for 23 years, piecing, quilting and finishing many a quilt, the Viking is being retired and replaced by my new Baby Lock quilting machine. I thought I would let the old girl finish one last quilt, but somehow we know when we are being demoted. She had some trouble with tension before, but we were always able to work through it, but this time the outcome was heartbreaking. The quilting of my love quilt was going fine, and then in mid-stitch, something happened, although I didn't know it until I turned the 1/2 quilted quilt over while changing a bobbin and realized it. To make matters worse, my temper got the best of me and after adjusting tension etc. I kept sewing on the already ruined quilt (the stitches were so tight, removal was impossible). I mean how much worse could it be, at least the front would be presentable and worthy of a table top and the spillage of spaghetti and other food items wouldn't send me into fits. Without paying attention I proceeded to quilt opposite of where I had been~instead of quilting swirls into the background like I had previously, I quilted the inside the last x's and o' sad. Love Hurts and so did the finishing of this quilt now relagated to a cat cozy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I love creative people...

but in a small rural town, many artsies keep on the down-low. Some don't realize that what they do is inspiring, others have not been encouraged so they hide. Often times I miss being in the company of these odd characters who "make stuff" so I have to go looking for them. When I first discovered blogging as a way to share what I was creating, I came across what I think of as going on a "creative drive" through my computer. I have always liked taking drives to look at houses, old buildings and unique shops, and my creative driving is similar in that I can go anywhere (as long as my fuel holds out) and I can see amazing things that people have created, all from the safety of an enclosed space. Did I mention that people sort of make me nervous, and the idea of someone asking me what the heck I'm doing looking at them or their work scares the crap out 0f me?
Anyway, I recommend you try it, of course it's likely something you already do, but in case here are the keys to an enjoyable trip: Go to a creative blog you enjoy, then look at what they enjoy and visit those blogs, then see what they enjoy and go visit them and so on. Hint: leave a trail of bread crumbs, many is the time I have wanted to make a return trip and can't find my way. I also keep my "add a blog" page up so in case I find a location I want to visit often, I can add it to my page and go there anytime without getting out the GPS.
I can't tell you the number of artists I have been inspired by and how generous they are. So fill up your tank with a snack or a pleasing beverage or as in my case both; and go and check out what's out there. It's a great BIG creative world!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Not sure if I'm done or not. Will throw some x's and o's on the back if I am. This one will have to sit and age a few days before I decide. Suggestions are more than welcome. I do have to say that Led Zepplin playing in your head does help in the whole liberated wonky free-piecing letter creation process.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whole Lotta Love

A few months back my son Matt (18) came into the livingroom and told me about a great female vocalist he heard, but didn't catch her name, just the lyrics of the song. After much deciphering we figured out he was talking about Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. I love that my son and I share the same taste in music, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Boston, Pat Benatar, Queen, Eric Clapton and of course Led Zepplin. After looking at a test block for my newest quilting project and the pile of 20-30 solids in shades of burgundy to baby pink, I sighed..."that's a whole lotta love..." Hence it's title a'la Zepplin.

Same Ol' Song

For years I have done scrap quilts using my favorite
fabric, homespun. I live in a rustic log cabin so those
quilts are right at home. Over the last 6 months or
so, I have been playing with very bright and clear
colored fabrics. I've been enjoying the vibrant
colors especially paired with a crisp white. But as
New Years rolled around, I decided to
make my first quilt of 2010 in my old style.
This is from the book Bird's Nest and just a
sampling of the large quilt I want to do. Not
totally happy with the contrast, the background
fabric should have been darker, learn on the
small projects, not on the full size ones!