Saturday, April 24, 2010

As I have mentioned before, I love quilts from the 30s and 40s that used white muslin as a background for happy colors. The combination doesn't really go in my primitive log home, so most of these become gifts- especially for new babies. These are the blocks for my newest project, although I think I'm gonna use them as a border for a simple checker-board of tourqoise with a red border. I believe it'll make a nice cuddle quilt for the next sweet baby girl that comes along.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Why do we wear black to funerals?

Today is Emily's funeral and I really don't want to wear black. It's not because everything I have that's black is really too small, except what I wore to the funeral home yesterday; sad but true. It's spring, can't I wear pink? Emily liked pink. She liked pink and balloons and tiaras, although wearing a tiara really isn't my style, I'm quite sure a 5 year old would hardily approve of me dawning a rhinestone crown in her honor. Black is what people expect, so black is what I'll wear. I guess it really doesn't matter and it seems pretty self-absorbed to be thinking about clothes when someone's little girl is gone. But if I think about Emily too much, it's hard to function, so wardrobe seems safe.
Emily was 5 years old and had cancer that spread throughout her whole body. I never had the pleasure of meeting her. All I did was make a quilt to help raise money for her family. But circumstances being what they are and quiltmakers being who we are- you get attached to those you create for. Everyday I would stitch and pray for her and her family. I got to know members of her family, some in person some just through e-mails. In an odd turn of events, Emily's brother was able to bring the quilt home to his sister. Two days later she passed away sleeping under that quilt of pink flowers. Her services will be held in the church where I volunteer and I guess it would be appropriate for me to wear black... but I do have a wonderful pink jacket that might be nice.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sometimes things end up as they should be. Emily's benefit was a huge success. Emily's Garden was put in the $5 raffle along with 3 vacations in Gatlinburg. Emily's brother Austin bought a ticket and won one of the vacations. He then approached the person who won the quilt and asked if they would be willing to trade the quilt so he could bring it to his mother and sister who had to be at home.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Emily's Garden is in the quilting stage. This is the largest quilt I've done in a few years, and the first large one on my new machine (which is performing wonderfully!). Emily, the 5 year old girl with brain cancer for who's benefit this quilt is made and will be raffled off in little more than a week, is home now and doing better than expected. Her cancer is still terminal, but bringing her home from the hospital so she could be with her family for the time she has left, seems to have been the right decision. Please continue to pray for her and her family.