Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So this is taking time off...

A few weeks ago I injured my shoulder, and hubby said I had to take 6 months off from quilting- WHAT? So I sort of compromised and said no gaming on the computer and no "quilting". I believe a small amount of piecing is fine :)
Still in love with bright colors on white, fresh and clean looking. Have a couple of babies coming to our church family and I can imagine wrapping a sweet little girl up in it.


  1. Hope your shoulder heals quickly, I can't imagine NOT sewing for 6 weeks, I would probably be "stark raving MAD"...LOL. Your quilt is adorable and perfect for a baby girl!

  2. Another beautiful quilt! I love the bright colors on the white too. Makes the colors really pop and you do have such a lovely gift with color! Hope your shoulder heals up quickly.

  3. Feel better soon! I love those flower pots!