Saturday, May 30, 2015

New find- but what pattern?

 On a picking trip out in the middle of Nowhere, Ga. my husband and I stopped a little shop- did I mention we were lost? I'm not sure I will look at missing a turn the same way again....
But I digress, we stopped in and I saw it from across the room. I casually passed by, looked at the hem for a tag, didn't see one. I went on. I came back. "Husband, can you unfold this with me?". I touched it and it was cool- only a 30s-50s era quilt feels cold like that.....oooooohhhhh aaaahhhhhh....
Still no tag. "Ask at the counter." He says. Shoot I know what it will be, prices have gone down to basement levels but I would need deep mine shaft low.
I found some milk bottles...$3 but you had to wash the dirt off. I'm good with that. "How much for the quilt over there?"

The young guy at the counter said there should be a tag. This is not my first rodeo young man. I know to look for the tag! We unfolded it completely, looked top to backing (which was feed sack pieced I might add and in perfect shape).
"I call the little old lady." Now the term "Little Ol' Lady" could mean anything from a savvy 50 year old collector who's gonna jack the price up just because she has a fish on the line ...and we interupted her Antique Road Show on PBS- or it could mean an 80-something year old half-deaf great-grandma who says, "What, that old thing." Or anything in between.
He dialed, I busied myself... I mean I know what the answer is gonna be. I folded it back and set it on the rack, walked towards the door.
"How about $45?" the 20-something guy calls out.
"I"LL TAKE IT!" Poker face shot all to blazes-
probably could have said $35 and he would have taken it. But I was too happy. It is hand pieced, hand appliqued and has a stitch count of about 10-stitches to the inch. It has no holes, just a few worn places but no batting showing....
Sadly, I can't identify the pattern or even come close. The image above is just 1/2 of it. It's a double/full with added length. And she is mine :)

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