Friday, December 18, 2009

Yes, it has been forever...

Finally got the explanation of why I have been deep in the lumps, not to be confused with the dumps. Mono... such a lovely gift for the holiday season.

So little is done, inc. no tree this year and very few presents, baking and stitching, have been finished. ~sigh~ Pic above is the one gift I must complete. My SIL/BIL quilt. They are too hip for me, so I just went with simple geometrics and will hope for the best. It is warm, so at least it can make a nice bed for their cat if nothing else.

Now for the good news portion of our program, the As For Me And My House Quilt Raffle went really well and in the end 150 Afghan orphans got blankets to keep them warm, plush heating coal and flour. God is really good!


  1. mono sucks. hope you get lots of energy soon or at the very least get to nap bunches.

  2. that totally sucks about mono...hope you are on the mend now! Im glad to hear the raffle went well...what a wonderful project!