Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Same Ol' Song

For years I have done scrap quilts using my favorite
fabric, homespun. I live in a rustic log cabin so those
quilts are right at home. Over the last 6 months or
so, I have been playing with very bright and clear
colored fabrics. I've been enjoying the vibrant
colors especially paired with a crisp white. But as
New Years rolled around, I decided to
make my first quilt of 2010 in my old style.
This is from the book Bird's Nest and just a
sampling of the large quilt I want to do. Not
totally happy with the contrast, the background
fabric should have been darker, learn on the
small projects, not on the full size ones!


  1. it's a warm soft, cozy piece. I love the little sparks of color.

  2. I love homespuns as well. And plaids just seem to warm my heart. Your Bird's Nest start is charming.