Friday, January 15, 2010

I love creative people...

but in a small rural town, many artsies keep on the down-low. Some don't realize that what they do is inspiring, others have not been encouraged so they hide. Often times I miss being in the company of these odd characters who "make stuff" so I have to go looking for them. When I first discovered blogging as a way to share what I was creating, I came across what I think of as going on a "creative drive" through my computer. I have always liked taking drives to look at houses, old buildings and unique shops, and my creative driving is similar in that I can go anywhere (as long as my fuel holds out) and I can see amazing things that people have created, all from the safety of an enclosed space. Did I mention that people sort of make me nervous, and the idea of someone asking me what the heck I'm doing looking at them or their work scares the crap out 0f me?
Anyway, I recommend you try it, of course it's likely something you already do, but in case here are the keys to an enjoyable trip: Go to a creative blog you enjoy, then look at what they enjoy and visit those blogs, then see what they enjoy and go visit them and so on. Hint: leave a trail of bread crumbs, many is the time I have wanted to make a return trip and can't find my way. I also keep my "add a blog" page up so in case I find a location I want to visit often, I can add it to my page and go there anytime without getting out the GPS.
I can't tell you the number of artists I have been inspired by and how generous they are. So fill up your tank with a snack or a pleasing beverage or as in my case both; and go and check out what's out there. It's a great BIG creative world!


  1. I have been so inspired by the many blogs I visit. It motivates me to look at things in a different way than I might normally. Funny you should mention driving. My husband and I love to take a leisurely drive. Does that mean we are getting old? We particularly like driving in rural areas. It is amazing what you see when you take the time to look.

  2. I love the phrase "without getting out the GPS".

    DH is adamant he is not going to get one, but he can't map read for toffee, whereas I can, be it in Blogland or otherwise.

    Yes, it IS a big creative world out there and, yes, it gives soooo much inspiration.

  3. The problem with going on these 'drives' is that I have a hard time finding my way back home within a reasonable amount of time. LOL