Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Benefit Auction Questions

I have volunteered to donate a quilt for auction, to help raise funds for a 5 year old girl with brain cancer. I don't have lots of time, so I need to make the pattern simple. Any ideas? Should I do it kid-like or use nuetral colors? Probably needs to be lap sized at least, right? Didn't have this problem with the raffle quilt I did, but an action is different as you've got to make people want to spend the $$$$ instead of just buying a ticket.
As you can see, Izzy has trouble waiting for a quilt to actually be quilted before it becomes her own personal place of rest.


  1. One to make it child's quilt. People love to spend money on the chilins in there life.

  2. anything will be fine. the gift makes it special. i think that is my cat.