Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quilt Inspectors run amok!

I have two fabulous cats, who appreciate quilts just about as much as I do. Commi (what else would you call a Blue Russian) is very discriminating and has to give not only the front of the quilt a thorough going over, but the back must past inspection as well. Izzy is very camera shy, but will make an exception for a chin scratch. These are very valueable since Izzy is missing a back leg. Both were Blue Russian rescue cats and are the real rulers of our home. The quilt pictured still has to be bound before it makes it's way as a house warming gift.


  1. A gorgeous quilt and two gorgeous kitties! Did the quilt pass it's inspection? *grin* It did from this side of the screen!

  2. Beautiful quilt and adorable kitties!

  3. Beautiful quilt and kitties! They look like they're having fun.