Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Pieced Christmas Baskets

I always wonder if my friends who aren't familiar with quilting or folk art think that I don't know how to make seams match or points be pointy. I have always LOVED folk art, and when I was introduced to the free-piecing technique a few years ago, I was smitten completely. Inspired by Gwen Marston's baskets, I decided to make a Christmas version. It's got to be one of my favs for Christmas. As you can see it's just in the basting stages. I'll post more upon it's completion.


  1. Hi Laura!

    Love your basket quilt. Perfect for the holidays! It is inspiring. I want one too!

  2. it's wonderful! love the colors. have you considered that maybe your non-quilter friends and family have no idea that your quilts are any different from other quilts... they probably just love the fun colors and fabulousness

  3. this is really fun. I've made a basket quilt too, and now I think I should make another one. thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love the baskets and want to do some too, any suggestions for getting started?
    art19552001 at yahoo dot com

  5. Peggy- I have a fairly large stash and just started pulling. The inspiration for this quilt was one done in bright pastels. Christmas time was here so green and red were my go to's. The handles were cut on the bias, so make sure that your pieces are wide enough to cut a strip long enough. The piecing was really easy- the best thing is just to decide what colors/fabrics you want to include and go for it. And remember, a srap quilt is like a party- the more you invite the less you have to worry about who sits next to who...