Sunday, November 27, 2011

Missing, but still in action~

After a very busy sabatical, is that an oxymoron~ where I learned how to make jams, pickles and hot sauces (including canning them), I am now back to sewing and quilting. Actually I have been doing lots of projects, but all the pics are currently located on a computer existing on life support. I'll try an revive my old friend long enough to transfer them this week.
For now the above will have to do. It's the result of a image posted on Pinterest, a new found inspiration factory. The quilting doesn't show up very well, but the background is filled with swirls. I enjoyed making it so much that I did another and still another is awaiting quilting... and my mother said I had attention problems. Truthfully I can become quite fixated when something simple and quick works well :)

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