Friday, June 12, 2009

on-line classes & inspiration a cure for being broke

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
Currently we are without air in 2 out of 3 vehicles, the air in our home is barely functioning, but on the bright side we can cool off in the shower since our water heater is out of order as well. All that to say that new fabric, quilt classes, the purchase of a new gadget or book is out of the question. But in this summer of broke, I have still managed to feel creative through the inspiration and instruction I have found on-line.
My first class was in free form piecing with Tonia, the result was wonky houses.
I continued to experiment with Live, Learn and Love which created lots of scraps. Not being able to purchase anything new and wanting to use up these pieces, I came upon my next piece of inspiration from Nettie. the result is "Think Pink" a Commi fav (see pic), it sets off his steely coat so nicely! In my daily surfing I came upon an amazing site, which set me on my next journey and learning experience. Sue Spargo is one of the most talented fiber folk artist I have seen in a long time. Armed only with a few pieces of old wool scraps I had accumulated 15 years ago, I decided to try my hand at dying wool. I had no $ for expensive dyes, but I did have paste food coloring, left-over from many a christmas cookie and cake decorating adventure. My hubby also had a gallon jug of vineager (we never did figure out why he had that). So if it's good enough for eggs, it's good enough for old wool skirts, right? Pictured above is the result of my dying adventure and the lop-side wool needle keeper that I did.
Two of my friends were leaving on summer trips this weekend, so to send them off in style I made a "free" gift. They were thrilled, well the one who grabbed the blue batik wallet was... the other friend gladly took the leftover pink and aqua. The tutorial is easy to create the wallet. It has sections for credit cards, cash, checkbook and extras. This one is a must for Christmas presents this year!
I guess the point is, yes it's a hot summer and I have been coveting many of the fabrics I see on the various sites I visit, but it's been a summer where I can learn how much I do have and how far inspiration and creativity can take you. Besides I can sew in front of the open refrigerator door if I have to.


  1. Hi Laura,
    I didn't know you did quilts! They are wonderful!

    I tried sewing one time and it was a diaster!

    Anyway, I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Sorry about the summer of broke, we are having the summer of "broke/what to do now!"


  2. I think lots of people are having a "summer of broke", but how you handle it says a lot about your character. I like your spirit! It's not always fun to "make do", but it certainly gives you a sense of satisfaction to be able to say you did it. I think your projects turned out great! And I want to try the wallet. It does look like a great gift.
    Oh, and when it gets really, really hot? Don't forget the ice-cube-in-the-bra trick! *grin*

  3. Sorry you are having trouble keeping cool. But it sounds like you are trying to find things to keep busy. Like you I need to start searching my scraps and stash instead of buying.