Monday, June 1, 2009

live, learn and love

This may a bit long, so consider yourselves forwarned...

A few months ago, some dear friends started the process of adopting 2 beautiful children a little girl 5 months and a boy 2.5 years. As you can imagine, as never-before parents, they were quite over-whelmed. At church we planned a baby shower, and I started a baby quilt for my "little teacup" (her ears dip in and look like delicate teacup handles). I thought hearts would be a good theme and began appliqueing many shades of pink. After finishing the applique I began to plan the border only to find out by accident that the new momma was not "a pink person"- *sigh*. I put the body of the quilt to the side and made another really pretty quilt with lots of bright pastels and more yellow. Everyone loved the quilt and I called it a success, but what to do with the hearts?

In steps Tonya with all her wonkiness, and I thought it might be a good learning experience to try words on the borders of this quilt before actually working on something meant for someone. I began all wrong and and gave up several times, including just letting sit on my studio floor as a cat amusement...Commi was the only one who appreciated my effort. Then I saw Clare's Licorice Lane. She had a mishap in the cutting process and cut a portion of her quilt. Did she dispair? Well maybe a little, but she finished it and it's great. So I gave Commi another pile of fabric to scoot on and finished Live, Learn & Love. Well the top at least. I wish the hearts were wonky and that I had known to do the components individually instead of doing each word (amazing what happens when you read the instruction), and then trying to make it work...but live, learn and love.


  1. This quilt is perfect.....absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I'm way behind. For some reason Google Reader is now showing posts from 2 days ago, instead of the most recent ones which is how I suddenly found this fantastic quilt. Laura - it's stunning.

    Rule One in Wonkiness. If the cutter or ruler slip, It Doesn't Matter. Wonky is as wonky does LOL.

  3. so bright and happy and LOVEing. so glad you kept with it and didn't consign the whole thing to kitty toys. you did (and keep doing!) great!!!