Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So here's the update:

Air in my car is fixed, YEA! My hubby is so brilliant. The air in the house is much better. After crawling under our house (a really unpleasant job) Jim found out that a gizmo was stuck and we were heating and cooling at the same time. Said wonderful husband unstuck gizmo and now we have air!

I have also been coveting my sister's new Bernina (she has a fab. hubby as well who purchased this BMW of sewing machines for her as a surprise). Coveting is not good, so I resurrected an old class machine that I had, small and portable not fancy. The great thing is that it fits right in a space that puts my feet right next to the floor register, me under the ceiling fan, and my body facing a window unit that we have in the loft for cooling. A primo spot!

Now I have started sewing again on a new project. I'm not really a "yellow" person, but I felt like stretching and found a great mod lemon fabric by Alexander Henery. I had some stray yellows, so I started sewing this Whiligig pattern I saw on Nettie's site (she has become a great inspiration). After laying out all the fabrics and savoring that lemon fab, I was taken back to the 70s when my older sister wore something called Love's Fresh Lemon. Usually I would make it for her, but since she got her new machine and some color confidence, she's been sewing quilts of her own. I'll post some pics when I get the camera this afternoon.

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  1. I had to laugh at your reference to BMW. I recently purchased my first Bernina and it's the 820 Yea!!! I described it to my husband the same way. I loved my Pfaff (Cadillac or maybe Mercedes) but a Bernina is a BMW. BMW people are extremely passionate about their car and don't hardly recogize anything else. Same with Bernina people. I am now a Bernina "snop". I love it!