Thursday, May 21, 2009

connecting threads

My wonderful husband and I were discussing the value of Facebook and other networking sites. First let me say that my husband is a very simple guy, straight forward, believing that everything must have a very specific purpose (which makes understanding my wish to just "have" a beautiful fabric nearly impossible). The idea of a virtual social network where you can learn and discover things through someone named LazyGal, for instance, just doesn't make since to him.
I tried to explain how I had been able to see the quilting artistry of people from all over the globe from my computer screen simply by following the trail left by other quilters. My set of links for these quilters are a creative life-line for me, a chance to see what others are creating without stepping foot in a quilt shop or buying a single quilt magazine... which is absolutely necessary since I can't spend money right now. I think that part got my husband's attention the most.
I am really greatful for this daily quilt show that comes into my home each day. I'm thankful for kitty updates from Tonya, for amazing images from France on wordless Wednesday, for a taste of delicious batiks courtesy of Wanda. I am inspired, encouraged, challenged and amazed by all those gracious enough to share their talent and the art that it makes possible.
Thank you so much!


  1. I totally agree with your thoughts. I love the fact that quilting friends from all over the world wished us well when our second grandson was born in February. It is amazing to me to check my email and get something so warm and thoughtful from someone who only knows me over the computer. It is inspiring to me to see what others are creating and to share what I am doing. A little slice of life from around the world.

  2. My husband calls ya'all my imaginary friends. He doesn't get it either. but online friends are fabulous.

  3. I love spending time chatting to my online friends, but my husband just doesn't get it.

    Thanks for the mention - you made me blush.

  4. The word verification on that last comment was "naterin" which is what we do is it not?

  5. Laura,
    Blogging is a wonderful way to meet quilters from so many interesting places all over the globe. I have learned so much from others - I love hearing other people's stories and appreciate the many beautiful quilts that are being created. It is an inspiring place to come and visit- occasionally I even make time to create some new quilts to share VBG
    Lovely post...

  6. Well said, Laura. Blogs are such an inspiration and just plain fun. We find the simple quilters and the sublime quilters. We find projects we wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole and ones we wish with all our heart we could say belonged to us.
    You live in Georgia and I live in Iowa, but I immediately knew which blogs you were writing about when you mentioned Wanda and her batiks, wordless Wednesday and images of France, and the social network created by LazyGal.
    Bless the world-wide-web and all the joy it brings to us quilters.

  7. You said it all! I totally agree with you. I feel that this is a wonderful community to belong to, and with so much information, support and friendship out there. I too knew which blogs you were referring to, as they're some of my favorites also. There's always something inspiring, every single day. I feel very little need or want for quilting magazines anymore. (fabric - that's another thing!) My DH teases me about my blogging, but it's really been a blessing. Thank you for saying it so well!