Tuesday, May 5, 2009

quilt history

Christmas 1998

made for my son who would rather sleep with a cheap asian made quilt 2004

old, old, old still cross-stitching that's how old maybe 1993

one of my favorites...hand-pieced, but got lazy and machine quilted it...everyone say "arghhh" 2002

not sure how I got the border to come out right back in those days 1992
Someone asked me to post images of my quilts in my log cabin...does lack of house cleaning equal rustic charm? Except for the Christmas one, all of them came out of my head, a scary place to be but not a bad place to visit. Sorry they are old quilts, my newer ones have all been given away. My mother-in-law has many, probably 15 or so. If she wasn't so wonderful I'd have her give them back. lol

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  1. beautiful quilts. I love that plaid houses. gorgeous.