Sunday, May 31, 2009

my son stole my Mother's Day cat!

She was supposed to be my belated Mother's Day present (I got a new potty on Mother's Day, not a good present). A beautiful Russian Blue, just like Commi (Jim's cat) for me. Her name is Izzy, a rescue cat with 3 legs, and is kind of compact like me...but who does she choose to love and bond with? My rotten 17 year old man-child who insists on calling her Tri-Pod. She does love fabric though, so maybe there's hope for a somewhat meaningful relationship when he goes away to college.
Kitty Update:
Matt still calling her Tri-pod, but he's sleeping through most of the summer so I'll have more time to make her name stick and Tri-Pod will disappear. Commi has been trying to introduce himself, but she is very shy, playing hard to get. But they did spend a 1/2 hour together in the bay window watching birds. Funny Commi hasn't been in the bay window for months now. Amazing how a new friend can make the same ole' thing look brand new.


  1. What a beautiful girl. Have to admit I can see where her nickname comes from.... Glad she's found a home, esp one filled with lots of fabric and quilts to sit on.

  2. I have to admit that I love your son's sense of humor! What a sweet kitty she'll be for everyone.