Sunday, May 10, 2009

taking a break with some hand piecing

I'm a little wonkied out, and needed some structure. Besides, I have been under the weather, so I have been doing some hand-piecing. It's a little odd that I find hand quilting painfully slow, yet I find hand piecing sort of relaxing (in small amounts).
These are some blocks I did from a pattern I saw called "Wee Spin". The strips are 2.5 inch, so it's perfect to do with jelly rolls. It's a strip piecing project that uses a 60 degree ruler to cut out the wedges. Very easy, especially when you consider that there are really no points to match, as long as your blocks are the same size.


  1. Great quilt. So cozy and nice.

  2. Love the quilt. Great colors

  3. looks like a fun project! love all those colors.